Hong Kong: Too Fast, Too Furious

JULY 2007… One of the things I remembered most about Hong Kong was the weather. Or rather, the dismal weather. Granted, it was a stopover trip and I didn’t choose the best season to visit but I never thought I would find a more humid city than my own. It was July (read: summer), the… Continue reading Hong Kong: Too Fast, Too Furious

Classic B&W Charm

Street view of San Francisco, USA.

Sometimes the best photos are the ones I didn’t mean to take. Like during an aimless walk around the city and getting lost while doing it. Like while following an uphill path for no good reason. Like while peering down random streets from the unexpected vantage points (because it hadn’t been my intention to climb the hill).

Thanks to the brilliant world of free photo editors and filters, my random city shot of San Francisco turned into a classic-looking black and white masterpiece (well, sort of). Looks like anyone can pretend to be a photographer these days.

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San Francisco Part 3: Sonoma & Yosemite

JUNE 2007… For our next trip out of San Francisco, we didn’t have to cycle our way there. Nope, it’s too far to peddle all the way there actually, so we took a bus instead. There are many locations just beyond San Francisco that are perfect for an excursion or day trip. These are the… Continue reading San Francisco Part 3: Sonoma & Yosemite

San Francisco Part 2: Cycling The Golden Gate Bridge

JUNE 2007… If you noticed the blatant absence of the Golden Gate Bridge in my previous article, that’s because I saved it for this piece instead. In an out-of-character “adventure”, I rode a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. Why did I even do it in the first place? That’s because I was a freeloader… Continue reading San Francisco Part 2: Cycling The Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Part 1: A Cosy Coastal City

JUNE 2007… It always amazes me how big the USA is, so big that you have to fly 6 hours to get from the east coast to the west coast. The last time I was in America, I was touring cities on the east coast, including New York City, Boston, Niagara Falls and Washington DC.… Continue reading San Francisco Part 1: A Cosy Coastal City

Blooming in the Desert

Tulips at the Bellagio's Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Las Vegas, USA.

If I told you these tulips were found in the desert, would you believe me? Only if that desert is Las Vegas, probably. Las Vegas sits on an oasis in the Mojave Desert (meaning there’s water under the ground) and that’s why the city could be built there in the first place. Still, it’s an amazing feat to build an entire city complete with an international airport in the middle of nowhere and turn it into a world-class event and entertainment destination.

And as if in a bid to surpass Mother Nature’s limitations, hoteliers have built elaborate landscapes and lush rainforest gardens to add the missing greenery to Vegas, one of which is the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio where these blooming red tulips were found.

With massive water features like the imitation waterways of the Venetian and the Fountains of Bellagio, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that you are in the middle of a desert. More drinks, anyone?

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Las Vegas: Larger Than Life

MARCH 2009… I would never have made it to Las Vegas if not for the Grand Canyon. Yup, to be honest, I had used it simply as a base to head out to see the nature great. Vegas has a reputation as a gambling and entertainment capital, which didn’t quite appeal to me. It wasn’t… Continue reading Las Vegas: Larger Than Life

A Slice of Winter Wonderland

Bush covered in snow, Vancouver, Canada.

One day I had this great idea. I would strike it rich and buy a house with a big yard. I’ll plant trees, shrubs, bushes and flower beds to create my dream of a suburban oasis. I’ll water my green friends with love and watch them grow. And when winter comes, I’ll wait for the snow to fall and coat my garden with a dusting of icing sugar, just like this bush outside a friend’s place in Vancouver after snow fell through the night.

Only problem is (besides the part about striking rich), I live virtually on the Equator, which is at least 35° latitude in the wrong direction of any snow. Waiting for snow to fall where I am would rank somewhere in the vicinity of making pigs fly.

So, for now, this postcard is my only keepsake of a precious brush with a winter wonderland. Maybe one day climate change will bring snow to the tropics. Now that’s a scary thought…

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Whistler: Snow White, Show Bright

Whistler: Snow White, Snow Bright

MARCH 2009… Whistler is a mere 90-minute drive from Vancouver, approximately 125 km north. In summer, it is popular for hiking, golf and mountain biking. But in winter, it’s all about the skiing. While I wasn’t there for the skiing, the proximity to Vancouver was too close to pass up a visit. With Whistler just… Continue reading Whistler: Snow White, Snow Bright

Vancouver: A Very Liveable City

MARCH 2009… Vancouver is the most densely populated city in Canada and is very popular with tourists. It has the nickname of “Hollywood North”, being the home of many large production studios and filming location of popular movies and TV shows such as Skyscraper, Fantastic Four, Star Trek and the Twilight Saga. Vancouver is constantly… Continue reading Vancouver: A Very Liveable City