A Mosaically Perfect Fit

The Mermaid Lagoon at Tokyo DisneySea.

When I first saw this mosaic creation, I thought to myself: Hey, I can do that! All I have to do is buy some colourful (cheap) ceramic plates, smash them into pieces and then piece them back together. Who knows, it could be my first breakthrough as a mosaic artist!

But then things got complicated once I started to think about how I was actually going to do it. Like, how do I smash the plates into the correct shapes and sizes? Do I use a hammer? Throw them against the wall? And then, how do I make sure they would fit back together nicely? That would take some intense maths calculation right… or is it physics? As if right on cue, my head started to hurt. Guess it’s harder than it looks.

Well, so much for being a mosaic artist. I shall just be content with admiring this mosaic art from the Mermaid Lagoon at Tokyo DisneySea. Although maybe I could still smash some plates for fun. It does look like a good way to destress…

Read more about my trip to Tokyo DisneySea in:
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