Hi there! Welcome to big picture little things! This is my super-belated travel blog. It started as a project to sort out and catalogue all my travel photos from the past decade and gradually grew into a travel journal project.

Why the name “big picture little things”, you may ask. Well, some people like to focus on the big picture and some others choose to focus on the little things. I like to see them both as going hand in hand. While keeping the big picture in mind, we shouldn’t forget to enjoy the little things. And while the simple life is good, we shouldn’t neglect our bigger goals in life as well.

Travelling does put things into perspective. You get to get away from your normal life such that you can analyse it objectively without getting caught up in it. You get to see things different from your daily life and surroundings. You get to see how other people live. It is both inspiring and humbling.

So while you are here, I hope you find something useful / entertaining / inspiring!

Enjoy your stay!

Miss D.