A Gaudí Double Take

Chimneys on the rooftop of Casa Milà, Barcelona.

Like masked warriors getting ready for battle, they stand sentinel waiting for their next order. Guarding their charges with their lives, they spew hot air at enemies that approach. Wait… What?

“They” are actually chimneys on the rooftop of Casa Milà, an apartment building in downtown Barcelona, Spain. Born out of the imagination of Antoni Gaudí – the master of Catalan Modernism – these chimneys would not look out of place in a museum.

In fact, all the structures on the rooftop have been “disguised” in one way or another. So, next time you head there, be sure to take a good look at the staircase exit you entered from. Otherwise, you may not find your way back out! Just kidding…

Read more about my trip to Barcelona in:
Barcelona: Gaudí’s Playground


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