The Romance of Travel

The Eiffel Tower in Paris.

If the Eiffel Tower could walk and talk, it could have been the protagonist in a drama. One with many twists and turns, a story of rags to riches, a tale of rising from adversity. Ok maybe I exaggerate…

You see, the Eiffel Tower was almost never born. There were protests over its design and many questioned whether it was even possible to build a tower so tall. Even when it was brought into this world, there was a limit put on its lifespan – a mere 20 years. Fortunately, it escaped its fate of being dismantled with a new job transmitting radio and television signals. Gradually, people warmed up to it and the tower is now a symbol of Paris.

Today, millions all over the world flock to see the Eiffel Tower and clamour to have a picture taken with it. At 131 years and counting, the Eiffel Tower still stands tall overlooking the city of love and romance. Not bad for a metal tower that was meant to be a temporary exhibit.

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