The Hunt for a Red Box

A red telephone box on the streets of London.

When was the last time you used a payphone? Do you even know where to find one? Then again, it probably doesn’t matter. Who still hunts for payphones these days, right?

And yet, they do. In London, at least. For the red ones. Out of all the British icons, the Red Telephone Box has to be one with the humblest beginnings. Born out of necessity and painted red simply to make it easy to spot, it is now one of the most-photographed items in London. Tourists pose with it like they would a celebrity and spotting one on the streets can be as exhilarating as riding the London Eye.

But true to the smartphone era, these red telephone boxes are slowly disappearing off the streets. They won’t disappear totally though, which is a relief, because I can’t imagine London without them. It would be like a missing jigsaw puzzle piece: the picture just ain’t complete.

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