Rhine Falls

JUNE 2011…

The main reason for my trip to Zurich was actually to visit Rhine Falls, the largest plain waterfall in Europe. Though in no way comparable to Niagara Falls, it was still a formidable sight to behold.

Rhine Falls, Switzerland.

A panoramic view of Rhine Falls from the south bank.

To reach Rhine Falls, I took a 55-minute train ride from Zurich Main Station to its southern banks. As soon as the train doors opened on arrival, I could hear the roar of the falls. My anticipation upped ten-fold.

Rhine Falls, Switzerland.

Up close with the Rhine Falls.

Once I saw the falls, my jaws dropped. I spent an obscene amount of time just sitting on the viewing platform and staring at the tumbling waters (700 cubic metres per second!) I think I might have spent the night if I didn’t have to get back to Zurich.

The Wörth Castle on the north bank of the Rhine Falls, Switzerland.

The Wörth Castle on the north bank of the Rhine Falls.

But that’s not all there is to do at Rhine Falls. Like a true-blue sightseeing destination, there are also trails to explore, museum exhibits to look at and boat rides to the opposite shore.

The Laufen Castle on the south bank of the Rhine Falls, Switzerland.

The Laufen Castle on the south bank of the Rhine Falls.

While the northern banks are free to access, you’d have to pay to access the southern banks. The entrance fee comes with access to the Laufen Castle, where there is an excellent exhibition on the history of the Castle and Rhine Falls. Boat rides are paid separately.

Rhine Falls, Switzerland.

Feel the water rush all around you at the top of the rock outcrop.

For adventure seekers, you can take a boat ride into the Rhine Falls basin to feel the wrath (I mean, power) of the waters. What’s more, the boat stops at the rock outcrop in the middle of the falls for you to climb and hang on to for dear life!

Just kidding… Now that’s something Niagara Falls doesn’t have.


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