A Slice of Winter Wonderland

Bush covered in snow, Vancouver, Canada.

One day I had this great idea. I would strike it rich and buy a house with a big yard. I’ll plant trees, shrubs, bushes and flower beds to create my dream of a suburban oasis. I’ll water my green friends with love and watch them grow. And when winter comes, I’ll wait for the snow to fall and coat my garden with a dusting of icing sugar, just like this bush outside a friend’s place in Vancouver after snow fell through the night.

Only problem is (besides the part about striking rich), I live virtually on the Equator, which is at least 35° latitude in the wrong direction of any snow. Waiting for snow to fall where I am would rank somewhere in the vicinity of making pigs fly.

So, for now, this postcard is my only keepsake of a precious brush with a winter wonderland. Maybe one day climate change will bring snow to the tropics. Now that’s a scary thought…

Read more about my trip to Vancouver in:
Vancouver: A Very Liveable City
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